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Dr. Spitzbart ist heute spezialisiert auf präventive und orthomolekulare Medizin und leitet die erste Praxis Österreich für Gesunde.

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Schutz vor Krebs – Das Immunsystem stärken und gezielt vorbeugen

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What are the differences between cancer cells and healthy cells? Healthy cells burn energy, cancer cells ferment – to put it simply – sugar or carbohydrates to produce energy. Or the other way around: Cancer cells depend on sugar (carbohydrate) for their devastating growth, whereas healthy cells do not. The doctor, biochemist and Nobel laureate Otto Warburg clearly demonstrated this crucial difference in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, after that, neither a research team had the money nor the pharmaceutical industry was interested in pursuing this simple approach. If conventional medicine suddenly came up with the idea of ​​simply starving out cancer in cancer patients through a consistently different diet, chemotherapy drugs that are billions of dollars but not very effective could no longer be sold. On the contrary, cancer patients are officially instructed to eat a lot of “healthy” carbohydrates, especially if they have cancer, but this encourages cancer. Without carbohydrates one could even starve tumor stem cells against which no chemo can do anything.

In addition, an optimized immune system strengthens our natural cancer defense. And what many do not know: if you double your selenium level in your blood, you halve your risk of cancer. Please stay

healthy! Prevention is better than cure.



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